Level-Up with Vic

Hello, I'm Victoria.

Now, let me guess...

You're busy doing SO many things that your marketing is at the bottom of the pile?

I know how you're feeling, because I've encountered lots of business owners in the same boat.

You're thinking:

  • How can I package up what I do into neat price points?
  • I want to increase my prices
  • I'm not sure which marketing channels are working right now.
  • Who should I target? Should I niche? If so, how?
  • I need to discover my 'why' - how do I do that?
  • Can you help me to create a pipeline?
  • I need to put marketing 'systems' into place - help!
  • What does a good Content Plan look like for social media and email?
  • My marketing is really poor at the moment, can we step up my game?
  • Is my branding good enough? If not, what do I need to do?
  • How do I build my mailing list?
  • I'd like to create a Christmas marketing strategy, how do I do this?

The list could be 100 bullet points long, because these sessions are always unique.

Your questions and topics are bespoke to what YOU need each month.

Does this sound like you?

Let me help with some 1-2-1 sessions, where we'll chat about everything together, live on Zoom.

Why Victoria?

If we've not met before, you might wonder what I know and how to tell if I'm a right fit for your business.

Well, I'm glad you asked, it's important to me that you can trust my advice.

I'm a Marketing Expert with 20 years in the industry, working in the marketing departments of large national and international firms in the UK.

I'm also a double award-winning businesswoman and Entrepreneur myself, I took a healthy snacking business from Kickstarter to Selfridges in less than a year. That's one of 6 businesses (stories for another time!)

I've featured on and in: Sky News, BBC News & Radio, Marie Claire, The Sun and WOMAN magazine.

Today, my marketing agency; Touchpoints Marketing works with start-up & scale-up businesses around the world, to develop clear marketing strategies to meet their big ambitious goals.

What happens when I set up the monthly payment?

  • You'll immediately arrive at an online questionnaire to fill in
  • Then a Zoom link for your first session will arrive via email

How much does it cost?

£249 per month + VAT 

These prices are correct as of 1st September 2022 and the price you start on is the price you remain on. 

What do other business owners say?

"I always leave the meetings feeling energised with actionable points to move forward with. Vic has a genuine enthusiasm to help with my success and I always look forward to our sessions."

"She has a great way of encouraging without pushing, always reminding me of previous goals that I set. This helps to realise how much progress has been made and then look ahead to the next goals to smash."

"I have been working with Victoria for several months and find our sessions an absolute inspiration. During one session when I was feeling quite stuck with my business Victoria gave me great suggestions to take the business forward and has totally turned things around."

You can find lots of 5* testimonials here on Trustpilot 

What's the minimum term?

I don't tie you into a contract. The sessions are ongoing for as long as you want to continue developing your marketing.

I simply ask for 1 week notice before your next session and I'll cancel your ongoing payment.

Saying this, I do recommend a minimum of 3 months to begin with, to be able to really notice the impact we make together.

[You might like to know that some clients have been with me for more than 2 years already. As their businesses have grown, their marketing needs have changed and the conversations have developed.]

What's next?

Let's get started with your first Level-Up Session, simply click the green button and fill out the details.

I genuinely can't wait to hear all about you, your business and your goals, so that I can support your journey.

Speak soon,


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