Scale Up Podcast

The Scale Up Your Sales and Marketing Podcast provides practical, no-nonsense support for Small Business Owners (like you) who want to grow their businesses. If you're looking to master your own sales and marketing skills, Leisa and Vic will inspire and entertain you. 

Currently listened to in 27 countries, the aims of the podcast are to educate on the importance of a strong marketing strategy and to build confidence in sales outreach.

Sales and Marketing advice from award-winning Experts

Your hosts are Leisa Pickles, Chief Go-Getter at Find Me The Leads, and Vic Taylor, Marketing Strategist at Touchpoints Marketing.

The Scale Up Podcast came to fruition after Leisa and Victoria were both awarded Advisor of the Year (for the sales and marketing categories respectively) in the Enterprise Nation awards for the UK and Ireland.

So, they got together and formulated a plan to give away lots of helpful sales and marketing advice, from their 40 years of industry experience combined.

In this podcast series, they share knowledge and processes that you can immediately apply to your business, enabling you to target efficiently, create stronger marketing plans, feel more confident for sales calls and be able to review what's working, and what's not. 

Leisa Pickles and Vic Taylor on the Scale Up your Sales and Marketing podcast

Try this 4 minute introduction episode

Join Leisa & Vic on this 10 episode series to learn the sales and marketing foundations, kindly powered by Enterprise Nation.

There are other ways to listen and engage with the Podcast:

Don't forget to follow the podcast for 'behind the scenes' antics over on the @ScaleUpPodcast Instagram.

If there's a question you'd like us to answer in Series 2, or you have any feedback, please drop us a direct message on Instagram - we'd love to hear from you!

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