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CEO Member's Club Application Form

CEO Member's Club Application Form

What is it?

A members-only ‘Marketing Community’ for Entrepreneurs.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Creative Thinkers, Business Owners and Boundary Pushers.

You’re the CEO of your business, an Entrepreneur. You love what you do, and you want to belong to a community of like-minded people, surrounded by positive energy, learning from and sharing your own marketing and business growth tips to others.

What does it include?

  • Monthly online Masterclass via Zoom*
  • Monthly online group Goal Setting (aligned with the New Moon and accountability with these intentions set aligned to the moon’s cycle.)*
  • Quarterly 'Pop-up' Challenges*
  • Gated 'Community' area to ask questions in private with other members throughout the month (this is hosted in Circle, which is like a Facebook group, but more organised and without the adverts!*
  • 1:1 Zoom sessions with Victoria at a special price.

*All access is EXCLUSIVE to Members.

Live videos will be available for Members to access and replay afterwards.

What value does it provide?

  • A ‘gated community’ of Business Owners who are serious about growing and developing
  • Feel more in control of your marketing plan, know exactly what your next step is and how that fits into your overarching strategy
  • Be with like-minded people who understand how life is like as an Entrepreneur, lifting each other up, being positive and supportive 
  • Spring-board your ideas, use the community area as a 'testing lab' to sound out your concepts, and gather valuable honest feedback from people who will ‘get you’
  • Learn new things from Marketing Experts on varying topics, so you feel you can make informed decisions 
  • Exclusive access to Marketing Mavericks, who have graduated from University and have Marketing theory, but are looking for new clients. (They have been through the Touchpoints Marketing ‘Maverick’s’ training course, post graduation, to make sure they are up to scratch. They start from £20 an hour for you to hire as Freelancers directly.)


“Having a trusted person who understands marketing, and is willing to challenge you, is vitally important. Victoria knows how to help you find your voice, and she does it with a smile, and a guiding hand.” Gary Hibberd, Managing Director, TheAgenci

“Vic is one of the most incredible ladies I have ever met! An hour with Vic can revolutionise your business and not just in marketing. She is a fountain of knowledge and truly understands my visions for my business. Vic provides the most useful advice across all aspects and spends the time to cultivate a strong relationship with all of her entrepreneurs.” Laura Jones, Entrepreneur, Wibble Foods

“Whether an established business or not, Victoria has a coaching led approach, supported by practical underpinning, that gets to the heart of how to help businesses improve their marketing and sales processes. I would recommend Victoria wholeheartedly.” Glenn Handforth, Creative Strategist, The Ideas Facility.

“For me she really helped me to home in and understand the demographic of my brand, a revelation of a million light bulbs ignited; when this happens you pivot your business in the direction it truly needs to give it every opportunity to launch.” Emma Brown, Fashion Designer, Denim Star

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How much does it cost?

£99 per month.

Who is behind the CEO’s Members Club?

Victoria Prince, double award-winning Businesswoman, Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant. Find out more about Vic here. 

How do I apply?

Register your interest by filling out this application form and Victoria will be in touch!

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